Ready to Harvest Your Timber?  3 Steps to a Successful Timber Harvest. 

Dreaming of turning your overgrown forest into valuable lumber? You’re not alone! Harvesting timber can be a rewarding experience, providing financial benefits and shaping your land for the future. But where do you start? Don’t worry, it’s simpler than you think! Follow these 3 easy steps for a successful harvest: 

1. Assess Your Forest: 

  • Picture time! Grab your camera and start snapping photos of your woodlands. This helps you understand the overall layout and identify different tree species.  We’re typically looking for trees 14 inches in diameter and larger at chest height. 
  • Plan for the future: Think about your long-term vision for your land. Do you want to encourage certain species to grow? Create openings for new growth? Foster animal habitat? 

2. Partner with the Professionals: 

  • Give Springfield Hardwood a call!   
  • We’re your trusted partner.  Our well qualified foresters will evaluate your property – if we are interested in purchasing your timber, we will provide a written proposal with a detailed agreement.  Read more about what to expect here
  • Springfield Hardwood takes care of all local, county and state permits and bonds; and DEP best management practices are followed.  

3.  Relax and reap the rewards!  While we take care of the timber harvesting and details, you can sit back and watch your vision come to life. 

Remember: Harvesting timber is an exciting opportunity, but it requires planning and care. By following these steps and partnering with Springfield Hardwood, you can ensure a successful and sustainable harvest that benefits your land, your wallet, and the environment. Contact Springfield Hardwood today by phone at 724-748-5647 or by email 

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